best business this year - your web base

Welcome you did a smart choice
We are very happy to see you here 
and to share this amazing opportunity with you!
This is designed to help ALL people so share this around the world!
Lots of people have little to no money but they have a smartphone...

When this base of people is big enough 
we will get multiple ways to earn money.... 
example is several free games with cash prizes... 
both strategic games and games like candy  crush....
Work as a gaming agent finding more agents and/or players...
because we get paid 10% of all moneyprizes you can get more money then the players if you invited many  agents and players

Now the sweet sugar smackdown tournament is in alpha test :)

Register here:

now you can take the link above and 
change misslenali to your username and inveite every person you know

Finished !!
Congrats :)

in the app go to "getting started" and  "faq" to get information
Go to apps and games and download sss for android and start playing

If you want to work as an agent

Join all the programs in the app to make the most of 
the income opportunity this app gives you.
Just follow the blue links.... 
(soon there will be more programs and games added here)


welcome to write to me with questions or come to our facebook group

Now you have all your links in the app and in advertopia so as soon as someone signs up under you you get multiple sources for income.... and when the next program is released it will be in the app and advertopia everytime so your people just go there and follow you in everything.

YWBs CEO about the app

and the Huffing Post rated us number 2 :) so you see it is for real: Huffington Post
the respected business magazine Entrepreneur said this: 
Another way to make some quick money while passing your time is playing free games that pay real cash prizes. Your Web Base is a connection point for tournament games for members. You can earn points by referring new members and stand a chance to win awesome gifts. The app is still in the nascent stage but has the bearings to become big due to its powerful idea